CBB: Day 13

I’ve recently become very invested with Celebrity Big Brother, so I’m going to be displaying who I want to win so far, who I want to be evicted next and my opinion on the latest episode.

Who I want to win: I really want Bianca to win because I think she’s really down to earth and is displaying her true self. When she first walked into the house, I thought she was going to be a bitch but I’m really love her. She cares about others in the house more than herself which I think is really lovely. I felt so sorry for her when Coleen and Jasmine said she was having an easy ride but I generally think she is struggling in there, she just isn’t expressing it.

Who I want to be evicted: Jasmine. I believe she really mean to everyone in the house and is really self-centered. When Stacey came up to her (in hell) and was comforting her, she was plain rude and after everything that happened between Stacey and Jasmine, Stacey was being kind but Jasmine was just being a bitch.

Opinion on the latest episode: 

Chloe and Calum

My opinion on Chloe and Calum is I believe Calum sees Chloe in a sister-type way but Chloe is getting the impression he really fancies her. If you don’t watch Geordie Shore, Chloe gains feelings really quick when new-boy Marty walked in, she was confessing she really liked him the same night when she was moping about Scott six hours earlier. I really don’t want to see Chloe get hurt when Calum and Jasmine enter the house together and he doesn’t pay her that much attention because Geordie Shore lovers know what jealous Chloe is like and it’s not pretty. This may just be me, but I feel she’s trying to be like Marnie in the house, find a boy she likes and get with him whereas personally I think Chloe should be herself and not worry about that.


I think Kim is vile. All she wants is some airtime and to shout at everybody. If Jasmine is evicted next, I want Kim to go. All she wants is air-time and it’s embarrassing. She’s going off at Chloe for being twenty-one and saying she needs to grow up when she clearly only having fun. Also calling James a fat slob, I’m not going to lie I don’t particularly like James, but she was getting involved with someone’s else business which didn’t include her at all and she needs to take a look in the mirror if she’s calling James a fat slob.

New welcomers to Hell!

Everyone watching Celebrity Big Brother will know that Calum Best and James Cosmo got sent to hell and I’m really upset because I love them both and I don’t want to see them be booted out the house. I think James has such a warm personality, like your granddad, and I’ll be really disappointed if he goes. I actually really like Calum and think he’s a gentlemen and wouldn’t want to see him leave the house as I think he’s a genuine bloke.

That’s all I have today, see you with my next CBB post! Ask me question in the comments and I’ll reply.