Why I haven’t blogged properly in a while…

It’s been a while since I properly sat down and wrote out a blog, and I’m going to explain myself.

Firstly, school. Never in my life, have I been so stressed from school. A-Levels are hard, and tricky to keep on top of. I’m trying to be as organised as possible and if that means taking a break from my blog then so be it. I’m a student that needs to study to pass exams, if I don’t, I end up getting E’s.

Secondly, anxiety. I’ve been trying to control my anxiety. I’ve been to the doctor and I’m currently awaiting counselling sessions. I’ve been doing research online and I’m finding many techniques to help my anxiety as much as possible- I’m going to do a blog on it soon when I have the time!

And that’s it really. I apologise if you enjoy reading this blog, that I haven’t posted a post in a while but I promise I will be back soon!