-your favourite song

weird people // little mix

– your least favourite song 

nobody to love // sigma — I hate this song because it was mine and my roomates alarm for like two months and it bothered the hell out of me

– 5 things that sum you up as a person

  1. lazy
  2. honest
  3. respectful
  4. kind of a bitch
  5. psycho

-current thoughts 

debating whether i should binge watch an entire season of vampire diaries

-what you think of when someone says “home”

my mum, two brothers standing outside my little house with open arms

-pet peeves 

clicking bones

-thought/opinions on Harry Potter

I’ve never had a strong liking to Harry Potter but I used to be terrified of Dobby when I was little. I’ve seen most of them in cinema.

-thoughts/opinions on Doctor Who

david tennent is my fave doctor. byeee.

-thoughts/opinions on Mean Girls

classic one-liners.

– 3 turn-ons

  1. sense of humour
  2. unique eyes (e.g a colour you rarely see)
  3. big hands 😀

– 3 turn-offs 

  1. if your cocky
  2. disrespectful
  3. smoking

– 1 thing on your bucket list 

open my own smoothie bar.




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