Kayleigh Haywood

As reading and hearing about the Kayleigh Haywood case (if you haven’t read it, I really recommend you read) I have realised how dangerous the ‘internet’ world is.

I had shivers down my spine when my Mum told me the story, though I didn’t know the girl, I felt sick to my stomach. How could two men be so sick and twisted to kill a 15-year-old girl?

Kayleigh had many things and accomplishments ahead of her but those two men had wiped that from her for their own pleasure. A moment hasn’t gone by today when I haven’t though about Kayleigh- I can’t imagine what she went through. She was fifteen! She still had so much to do with her life. I know some people will think that it was Kayleigh’s fault for going in the first place, but she was groomed in and felt safe. She felt safe going to that man’s house, only for it to turn into a nightmare.

If you’re talking to someone you don’t know, please stop, you don’t know this person. We are given talks about strangers for a reason.

You are putting your life in danger by talking to someone you don’t know. My mum told me “if it’s too good to be true, then it’s too good to be real.”

My thoughts go out to Kayleigh’s family and friends who must be going through the most heartbreaking moments of their lives right now. ❤


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