New year, new me.

Though that is such a cliche term to use at the start of the year, I wanted it to be true.

In late November, I faced a situation I never thought I would face with this guy. I had liked him for a year and a bit and things went smoothly. I have mentioned on him before and if you want to know what happened before the situation, go and check it out.

Throughout the night, he was dancing with this girl, had his hands all over her the entire night, and it really upsetted me since it was my birthday so at that point I simply said to myself, “I’m done.” and it was true, I am done.

I went through a really weird phase, I didn’t know what to do with myself and I almost felt lost without him but trust me, it was just the hormones. But after a very relaxing weekend in London, it opened my eyes to a clearer world.

I realised there are plenty of other fish in the ocean and I don’t need him, he can fuck off for all I care and so this is  a new start.

And I want you to join along…


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