Back To School Advice: #1 Starting High School

Going back to school can be very scary, having to have different teachers for different lessons is a big change. I can recommend you high school isn’t as scary as you think.

Going to my new high school, I felt very grown up, going on a bus (my high school was 45 minutes away) having a locker key, also some money. It was very surreal.

Of course, I was only eleven but I felt like I was starting a new chapter in my life.


  1. Notebooks– These are very essential, so you can look back on them and revise. It also prepares you for later life when you have very important exams.
  2. An organised pencil case– Make sure you have the important things, pencils, pens, colouring pencils and pens, rulers, scissors, glue etc. You’ll find high school is very different to your previous one. You are meant to have the supplies yourself, this also shows organisation to your teachers. Also, remember to top up if you lose pens or pencils, you tend to hand loads out to people who have forgot the important things. Just share with friends, because others never bring them back.
  3. A bag– Something is going to hold your bag right? Get a reasonable size back, maybe a satchel: they hold books along with pencil cases. On your first day, your teacher is going to overload you with textbooks and you’re going to be carrying them around on a regular basis.

These are really the important things, but there are a whole lot and I’m sure you will get told on the other things.

Don’t be worried. The first years of high school are the best, you have four years to have fun before exams so enjoy it! If you have any worries don’t be afraid to email me –>


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