I will be the only person writing for this blog. Sorry. 😀

My full name is Cerys Jade Avery- though others think it is Doris because my facebook name is Cerys Doris Avery. I am fifteen years old but will be turning sixteen in November. I am British and from Loughborough.  I have grown up traveling- my dad is in the army and we move every 2-3 years. My parents have currently split up, meaning I won’t be traveling the world anymore which is quite scary. My parents went through a rough patch and decided to call it quits- which is very upsetting.

I plan on this blog to be about everyday life, advice, and all sorts of stuff. I’ve always wanted to blog but always needed the confidence to begin one. I want to teach everyone that life is okay if you do it your way. I have been through a rough patch and want to help others overcome there rough patches. If you ever want to contact me for advice, just email me -> cerysjade27@gmail.com and I will email back as soon as I can.

If you want to have feedback, comments are fine 🙂 I don’t bite, I swear.


Cerys x


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